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Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil - 500 ml - GO NATUREL

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil - 500 ml

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  • Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil {Unrefined} have been common cooking oil in south India for the past few centuries until it was replaced by refined oils about a decade ago.
  • Refined oils undergo various chemical and mechanical processes which destroy all the nutrients present in the groundnut oil completely before bottling.
  • Real unrefined cold pressed groundnut/peanut oil is extracted at your Fresh Mill using the traditional wooden mill (kachi ghani/mara chekku) method where the oil is extracted without heating or any chemical processes.
  • Groundnut oil that is extracted using traditional cold pressed methods is highly nutritious and healthy with all the health benefits intact. Here are some of the benefits of consuming unrefined cold pressed Groundnut Oils:
  • Because of a very high smoke point, groundnut oil can be Used for deep frying and high temperature cooking.
  • Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil adds a very unique flavor to any food .
  • Peanut oil contains many essential fatty acids and is completely free of cholesterol
  • Groundnut oil contains resveratrol which Protects from cancer, nervous system diseases, Alzheimer’s etc.
  • Groundnut oil is rich in plant sterols which help in reducing heart attack risk. According to US FDA, intake of food containing plant sterols twice a day reduces heart attack risks.
  • Groundnut oil is also high in vitamin E which is also an antioxidant and protects the cells from damage Start using unrefined cold pressed oils instead of refined oils which are devoid of any of these benefits. Move towards to a Happier Healthier future starting today.


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