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First Cold Pressed White Sesame Oil - 5 L - GO NATUREL

First Cold Pressed White Sesame Oil - 5 L

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 Box Contains

 5  Liter Seal Pack Jar

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 6 Months From MFG. Date


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 Uses / Ideal For

 Deep frying, cooking, topping ,

  • Made to be less pungent and smooth, will enhance food taste. Child friendly

  • Cold Pressed Sesame oil is literally used as a medicine in Ayurveda and practically worshipped for its innumerable health benefits.

  • Key ingredient in Ayurvedic treatments, Used for massages for muscular and joint problems, and in providing relief from the common cold

  • Made with pride by a farmer. Quality is a matter of conscience

Our Sesame oil is less dense, not too pungent and is smoother than others. We make it so. The result is an oil that children to elders can enjoy - whether it's to cook or for a body massage. The oil is unrefined and clarified using time consuming, expensive natural sedimentation. This keeps nutrients fully intact [Hence, the oil may appear a bit cloudy or have tiny sediments at the bottom of bottle; but it is not a cause of concern]. A good sesame oil’s difference will be seen when you do oil pulling (gargle it in the mouth), it would not solidify in the mouth and would start to become thinner after a minute. Also it won’t be overpoweringly pungent, but would start releasing a rich sesame aroma in the mouth after a minute. During body massage you can find your hand gliding in perfect viscosity – not too thick nor too thin. It will smell good after application and exposure to air.



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